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The young couple was on the brink of starting a family. They had two incomes and a strong desire to start their marriage on a solid financial footing. What they needed was a plan to both merge their financial lives and chart a path to their future.

They came to us recognizing that they had gaps in their financial know-how and that without a plan they were at risk of making mistakes. Together we worked to develop a budget and savings strategy. We determined how they would do the following: save money, prioritize spending, evaluate trade-offs, and create a system for allocating dollars to fund each of their goals.

Moving forward to implement their plan, they aggressively funded her 401(k) plan and socked away money so he could eventually own a business.

They also began to grow their family and had four children in six years. As their lives have changed, so has their budget. Now in their 30s, they are also saving for their children’s education and extra-curricular activities ranging from baseball to dancing lessons.

We talk monthly with the couple, providing investment advice and making adjustments when needed to their financial plan. They also rely on us as a sounding board when they make decisions about buying a bigger house or a new van.

Today he has a growing ownership stake at the company where he works, and she is debating whether to move from full-time to part-time work. Having started their financial planning early, they are well on their way to creating the life they envisioned, one step at a time.