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The man was a husband, father of three, business owner, and primary wage-earner. He had been a smart and ardent manager of his family’s assets. But then a dire cancer prognosis upended his world. He knew he would leave his family financially secure. But he turned to us with a new mission: preparing his family for life without him. 

He was in his mid-50s with two children in graduate school and a third out of school when the cancer struck. Primarily concerned about his family’s well-being, the man asked us to help prepare them for the inevitable next chapter. 

We explored opportunities with his wife to maximize her potential, should she need an income in the future. And we educated his wife and children about finances. We helped them better understand investment principals, strategies for savings, how to organize their finances, and when to use debt for purchases.  

We developed an estate plan, and also created a journal for the family detailing the man’s financial choices, so they would understand what decisions he had made and why. This husband and father also wrote legacy letters to his family, describing his dreams for their futures.

Yet gnawed by the fear that his family would not have enough, he began making overly aggressive investments. We understood the pressure he felt to do right by the people he loved. But his actions needed to be driven by clear-eyed analysis, not emotions. So we carefully ran the numbers, and then urged him into a more prudent and less risky strategy.

As his days dwindled he was at peace, knowing that he had protected his family, equipped them with financial knowledge, and provided funds to pay off the house, and fund travel, school, and wedding expenses – just as he had always planned.