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Step 1: Tell us more about you.

Complete this Financial Life Snapshot Form so that we can get to know you better. All information is strictly confidential in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The Snapshot captures your assessment of your financial life—what’s working well and what isn’t, and provides a big picture summary of your financial situation.

DOWNLOAD FORM HERE : Feel free to download this form in a .pdf or Word .doc to print, fill out and mail, email or bring with you for our discussion.  


UPLOAD STATEMENTS AND DOCUMENTS SECURELY: Upload your confidential documents securely to our secure Sharefile Site. If we haven't talked to you, please call or email us to remind us to check for these files.

Step 2 : Discuss the possibilities. 

Once we review your responses, we’ll contact you to arrange a time to get acquainted in person, by phone, Face Time, or Skype. Our conversation, along with the information you already shared, will help us determine how we can best serve your financial planning and investment goals and needs.

Step 3 : Our proposal to you.

Once we have a better understanding of you and your financial life, we’ll prepare a written proposal that describes the services we believe will help address your questions, protect your financial well being, and maximize your opportunities. We’ll also detail the fee for these services. If you accept the proposal, we’ll move forward together and begin the planning process.