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We all love smooth journeys. But life often happens in chapters filled with unexpected twists and turns that can leave us feeling scared or exhilarated. Sometimes we chose to make a gutsy transition; at other times change and challenges are thrust upon us. 

Either way new chapters can reveal strengths and possibilities we never imagined. At Walden Wealth we want you to know that as you navigate through life’s journey, we’ll be right there at your side offering support and guidance.

  • Growing Assets for an Expanding Family

    The young couple was on the brink of starting a family. They had two incomes and a strong desire to start their marriage on a solid financial footing. What they needed was a plan to both merge their financial lives and chart a path to their future.

  • Preparing for the Unthinkable

    The man was a husband, father of three, business owner, and primary wage-earner. He had been a smart and ardent manager of his family’s assets. But then a dire cancer prognosis upended his world. He knew he would leave his family financially secure.

  • Making an Impact

    The husband and wife had risen from humble beginnings to the corporate suite. But their stressful careers and taken a toll on their health and quality of life. They were ready to retire, but could they afford it?

  • Realizing Retirement Dreams

    The couple had lived modestly for more than 20 years, prizing a private-school education for their four children above all else. By the time they came to us, their children were all college graduates.