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Individuals and families: Together we’ll explore how to maximize your assets – which we define as both your financial and human capital – and we’ll discuss whether your dollars are truly aligned with your values and chosen responsibilities. We’ll also collaborate to create and implement a step-by-step financial plan. With a Plan A – as well as a Plan B to handle unexpected adversity – you’re ready for anything.   

  • Financial Planning Services

    Financial Planning Services:

    Walden Wealth is committed to working with individuals and families from all walks of life, all stages of life, and all levels of financial understanding. Each individual and family is unique and requires customized planning. But what is constant is how we listen, support, and advise you to make conscious financial choices as you pursue your aspirations.               

    We believe that successful planning is defined as helping people to control all they can, as best they can, to live a productive, secure, and meaningful life. This means focusing on strategies to honor who and what they care about –  within their potential to maximize earnings and savings – build strong safety nets of reserves and insurance, invest in good health habits, minimize debt, and diversify more broadly then ever before in terms of credit, career skills, income and assets.

    Together we will create a financial plan crafted to achieve your goals. The plan will also better position you to handle the ups and downs of life-cycle and life-changing events.

  • Investment Services

    Investment Services:

    Walden Wealth believes that successful investing is defined as meeting your life and legacy goals, with the careful management of risks, fees, and tax consequences. To that end, we design customized multi-asset class investment strategies based on the principals of personal life-cycle economics and the science of capital markets.  Walden Wealth’s approach to investment planning and management is distinctive for several reasons:  

    • • We directly engage clients in the design of their strategy, with a commitment to education and collaborative decision-making. 
    • • We thoroughly analyze each client’s unique financial capacity for risk, and the need for return to meet your goals over the cycle of life. In our experience, each goal warrants its own strategy.  We find that for most clients, the more they care about a goal, the less risk they are interested in taking to finance that goal (and visa versa).  
    • • We believe it is essential to balance the risk-return characteristics of your financial capital relative to your “career capital.” In general, the higher the risk of your career position and income, the lower the capacity for risk in your investment strategy (and visa versa).  
    • • We intensively research and analyze the no-load mutual funds and exchange-traded funds recommended for client portfolios. We evaluate many criteria, and believe that costs must be kept low and fully transparent. That way you keep more of what you own and likely lower your risk as well. Higher expense funds often ramp up risk in order to compete with their lower expense peers. 
    • • We partner with the highly respected institutional firm, Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). For over thirty years, DFA has provided advanced portfolio design, management and trading. Its longstanding working relationships with the academic community underpins its approach to investing, and forms the foundation for innovative strategies. Download DFA Firm Overview HERE (.pdf).

  • Guiding Principles

    These are the tenets that guide our work: 

    • 1. We listen and respect all that is uniquely you. Your best financial decisions reflect your goals and values, as well as research and analysis.
    • 2. We protect and advocate for our clients. You will know the costs, benefits, risks, and rewards so that you can make wise financial choices.
    • 3. We intelligently and thoughtfully design “Plan A” and “Plan B.”  With a risk managed contingency plan, you can adapt and thrive. 
    • 4. When needed, we work with clients to redefine possibilities as part of a reality check.
    • 5. We learn constantly to deliver expert knowledge. You benefit from our mastery of the latest research, best practices, and ever-changing laws.
    • 6. We collaborate with your entire team of advisors to implement and monitor your master plan as efficiently and effectively as possible.