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Fiduciaries: We provide expert counsel and advice to fiduciaries. They take their stewardship role seriously and so do we. We work closely with fiduciaries, focusing on both the big picture and the fine points. We educate them on best practices, and work collaboratively to develop and implement investment strategies that meet their legal and ethical responsibilities.

  • Fiduciary Services

    Fiduciary Services:

    As a Fee-Only firm, Walden Wealth provides independent fiduciary expertise, free of commissions and conflicts. Walden Wealth provides fiduciary consulting services to trustees, corporate retirement plan sponsors, managers of endowments, and others who are responsible for funds that reside in retirement plans, foundations, or investment committees. We well understand that a fiduciary is in a position of trust. At Walden Wealth provides expert counsel we are experts in the field and brings both up-to-date expert knowledge and a disciplined process to help fiduciaries confidently meet their legal and ethical responsibilities,  and avoid common mistakes, and mitigate liability risk.

  • Fiduciary Process

    Fiduciary Management Process:

    Within each fiduciary consulting engagement, we follow the framework of the four-step continual improvement process for the Fiduciary Quality Management System developed by fi360, the global leader in promoting fiduciary excellence.

    (Analogous to the ISO 9000 QMS Continual Improvement Process)

  • Deliverables

    The following examples demonstrate how we partner with fiduciaries to promote a culture of responsibility and help them be prudent stewards of entrusted resources:

    • • Know fiduciary standards, laws, and trust provisions.
    • • Document policies, procedures, and processes to support fiduciary standards.
    • • Avoid conflicts of interest and prohibited transactions.
    • • Use and monitor prudent experts. 
    • • Prepare an Investment Policy Statement.
    • • Define appropriate due diligence criteria and the selection process for both investments and the “Qualified Default Investment Alternative” (QDIA).
    • • Diversify assets to specific risk/return profiles.
    • • Assess risk-adjusted investment performance.
    • • Control and account for investment expenses.
    • • Deliver financial education programs to enhance retirement readiness and financial wellbeing.